Aaron Ley for Bristol Town Council

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Your contribution will allow me to engage with Bristol voters and learn more about the issues that matter to them. Personal checks can be made out to Friends of Aaron Ley and sent to 15 Birchwood Dr., Bristol, RI 02809. You can make a secure online donation by clicking on the PayPal link below.

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This is why I'm Asking for Your Vote

A Lifetime of Service

My service includes:

  • US Army and National Guard (1999-2005)
  • Board Member, Bristol-Warren Education Foundation
  • Director, University of Rhode Island MPA Program


This is a picture of my son Lynden and I by our harbor. Our environment and harbor bring people here to visit, help our small business community thrive, and make Bristol a great place to live. That is why we need to ensure that the right investments are made to protect our environment and prepare our infrastructure and coastal community for resilience in light of the increasingly strong storms that we are facing due to climate change. Confronting these challenges head-on is absolutely critical because environmental problems of all kinds are disproportionately borne by our children, seniors, and by the most vulnerable populations. 


I paid my way through college on the GI Bill and after graduating I earned my doctorate so that I could become a professor at URI. As an educator, one of the issues I care about the most is investing in our children by providing them with all of the resources they need to learn. It is through my involvement as a board member of Bristol-Warren Education Foundation and a father of two that I know investments in education will be good long-term decisions for our children and for our economy. 

Economic Development

We can fill our storefronts and add to our already vibrant small business community by maintaining all of the qualities that make our town great, while also planning ways to attract young talent to our town. My experience includes evaluating our governor's signature Real Jobs Rhode Island Workforce Development Plan, where I learned a great deal about economic development and strategies for attracting skilled labor. With those insights I’ll engage our local business community for ways to bring more young professionals and high skilled workers to our town. Economic development will require keeping housing affordable, finding creative ways to integrate emerging economic sectors into our long-term economic plan, delivering high quality education through our schools, and envisioning infrastructure that eases our town's transportation burden. 


Local government in Bristol is where the most critically important services are delivered to taxpayers. That is why we need to be sure that we are getting the most out of the money that we spend. As we are making decisions about services, we need to make sure that our choices make sense from a long-term perspective. Bristol taxpayers deserve councillors who will bring a high-level of rigorous study and analysis to the day-to-day challenges that arise while our town agencies are delivering services.


We owe it to our seniors, who have passed on a high quality of life to us, to make Bristol an exceptional and safe place for aging. That means addressing the challenges faced by our seniors who find the activities of daily living increasingly difficult. For our seniors facing transportation challenges we should develop a public-private partnership or create volunteer opportunities that will meet those needs. We also need to develop a strategy for getting critical information to our homebound, and sometimes isolated, seniors who are lacking in digital literacy. Finally, because difficult weather is disproportionately borne by our seniors, I will continue advocating for a comprehensive plan to deal with extended power outages resulting from increasingly violent weather.

Feel free to contact me about anything. I am here to listen and learn from you.

Aaron Ley for Bristol Town Council

15 Birchwood Dr., Bristol, RI 02809, US